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battered adj
1 damaged by blows or hard usage; "a battered old car"; "the beaten-up old Ford" [syn: beat-up, beaten-up]
2 damaged especially by hard usage; "his battered old hat"
3 beaten repeatedly with heavy blows; "a battered child"; "the battered woman syndrome" [syn: beaten]

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  1. past of batter

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Battered is a Norwegian thrash metal band fronted by former Einherjer members Frode Glesnes, Gerhard Storesund and Aksel Herløe in 2004. Since then they have only released one demo: ...Beyond Recognition and one album Battered. A new vocalist joined their band in 2005, Siggy Olaisen, and they recorded their self-titled debut album which was released February 27th, 2006 in Norway and March 13th in the rest of Europe. The American date for the album Battered was April 4th, 2006.

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